Atelier Lise ~Alchemist of O'ldor~ Original Soundtrack Premium Pack

Title in JP: リーズのアトリエ~オルドールの錬金術士~オリジナルサウンドトラック プレミアムパック

Catalog Number KDSD-10021~3
Release Date Mar 21, 2007
Release Type Official Release
Release Price 3990 JPY
Media Format 3 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by TEAM Entertainment (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)
Composed by Eri Arakawa, Miyoko Takaoka, Toshiharu Yamanishi, Akira Tsuchiya
Arranged by Eri Arakawa, Miyoko Takaoka, Akihiro Jyuichiya, Akira Tsuchiya
Performed by Rekka Katakiri

Products represented
Atelier Lise: Alchemist of O'ldor, Atelier Marie, Atelier Elie, Atelier Anis
Platforms represented
Bandai WonderSwan, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Disc 1

01 Takaramono
02 Okay! Let's Begin
03 Sparkling Workshop
04 The Alchemist Princess
05 Catnap Library
06 A Strong Bond
07 Afternoon Tea Time
08 Let Us Pray
09 The Royal Audience Chambers
10 The Great Sage
11 Pop Shuffle
12 Window Cutter
13 The Parade of the Fairies
14 Morning Glow
15 The Beach That Feels Like a Resort
16 Gaze Up at the Great Waterfall
17 Ancient Breath
18 In Mother Nature's Embrace
19 Land of Ruin
20 A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme!
21 Today's Criticism Party
22 Challenge the Difficult Problem!
23 Yay!!
24 Hm, That's Strange?
25 Only Counting the Tears...
26 Yikes!?
27 You Scared Me!
28 Dokibaku Tension
29 A Majestic Moment
30 Knife Edge
31 Fragments of Memories
32 Open the Music Box
33 Let's Meet Again on That Hill
34 Riding on the Spring Breeze
35 The Jewel Box of Happiness

Disc 2

01 Alchemic Fantasia
02 A Fallen Leaf as a Bookmark
03 Marie's Busy At Work!
04 Elie's Busy At Work!
05 Anis' Busy At Work!
06 My Pleasure Garden
07 At the Fountain Plaza
08 Found a Thought
09 Street Corner Alchemist
10 Magical Waltz
11 The Seekers of Psychology
12 While Whistling
14 Let's Go For a Walk!
15 Fanticaminal Eternia
16 Beyond the Summit
17 That Which Exists at the End
18 Snowy Moon Flower Valley
19 Watermelon-splitting Summer
20 Torture Corridor II
21 Reverse Side Castle
22 Shining Hair Baile
23 The Tale of the Seagull That Couldn't Fly 2
24 Diary of the Dream Castle by the Lake
25 The Truth of the Sea
26 A Little Wish
27 My Patetto
28 Lunch Box
29 Nyanoni
30 Prelude of Sadness
31 A Poem of Summer's Beauty
32 I'm Great Even Today!
33 Golden Maiden Magical Anis-chan
34 About Alchemy
35 Happiness 100,000 Fold
37 Lunar Waterdrop
38 And Then the Two of Them...
39 Lamplight of Hope

Disc 3

01 The Two Ateliers
02 A Fallen Leaf as a Bookmark
03 I'm Busy At Work! Marie Version
04 I'm Busy At Work! Elie Version
05 I'm Busy At Work! Both Version
06 A Comfortable Room
07 At the Fountain Plaza
08 Street Corner Alchemist
09 Found a True Thought
10 Magical Waltz
11 Those Who Seek the Truth
12 While Whistling
13 Welcome to the Black Cat Squad!
14 Fanticaminal Eternia
15 Beyond the Summit
16 Snowy Moon Flower Valley
17 That Which Exists at the End
18 5th Avenue Demon
19 The Wicked One
20 2pm Invitation
21 I'm Busy Mixing!
22 It's There For Sure!
23 A Poem of Summer's Beauty
24 Prelude of Sadness
25 A Small Nocturne Named Bonds
26 Meaning and Merit
27 And Then the Two of Them...
28 Lunar Waterdrop
29 see you

Credit to #gamemp3s

Download: (mp3)

Disc 1: Atelier Lise ~Alchemist of O'ldor~ (DS)

Disc 2: ~ Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis - Message from the Gentle Breeze (GBA)

Disc 3: ~ Alchemist Marie & Elie - The Two Girls' Atelier (Wonder Swan)

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