Super Robot Wars Series Theme Song Collection

Catalog Number LACA-5845
Release Date Dec 25, 2008
Release Type Official Release
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Type CD (1 disc)
Classification Vocal
Published by Lantis
Performed by JAM Project

Products represented
Super Robot Wars Alpha,Super Robot Wars IMPACT,2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha,Super Robot Wars MX,3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha,Super Robot Wars OG: Original Generations,Super Robot Wars Z
Platforms represented
Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2

01Steel Messiah (Super Robot Wars Alpha OP Theme)3:52

02POWER (Super Robot Wars Alpha ED Theme)5:29

03GO!! (Super Robot Wars IMPACT OP Theme)5:14

04Departure (Super Robot Wars IMPACT ED Theme)5:18

05SKILL (2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha OP Theme)5:49

06FOREVER&EVER (2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha ED Theme)5:59

07VICTORY (Super Robot Wars MX OP Theme)5:36

08The Earth's Promise (Super Robot Wars MX ED Theme)6:01

09GONG (3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha ED Theme)4:43

10Brother in faith (3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha ED Theme)5:52

11Rocks (Super Robot Wars OG: Original Generations OP Theme)4:58

12Portal (Super Robot WarsOG: Original Generations ED Theme)4:50

13Crest of "Z's" (Super Robot Wars Z OP Theme)5:14

14Cosmic Dance (Super Robot Wars Z ED Theme)5:48

Disc length 74:43
Ripped by sonixgvn on 1/5/09
Included Files: NFO, SFV, M3U

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