The Last Remnant Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number SQEX-10127~9
Release Date Dec 10, 2008
Release Type Official Release
Release Price 3300 JPY
Media Type CD (3 discs)
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Square Enix (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)
Composed by Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yasuhiro Yamanaka

Products represented
The Last Remnant
Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, PC, Sony PlayStation 3
ラストレムナント オリジナルサウンドトラック

Disc 1

01The First Awakening2:09

02Cherished Memories0:48

03Opening Suite: The Search0:17

04Opening Suite: The Chase0:30

05Opening Suite: The Charge0:43

06Opening Suite: The Assault1:27

07Clash of Opposites3:20

08Truths Revealed1:02

09All For Her0:33


11Gathering Clouds1:37

12Into the Depths3:26


14Struggle Eternal3:55

15Sliver of Hope2:24

16The Young Marquis2:42

17The Known World1:27

18The City of Heroes3:09

19A Friendly Ear3:11

20An Open Mind2:06

21Fair Judgment4:11

22Ante Up2:47

23Creeping Shadows4:56

24Rolling Hills, Sprawling Plains4:44

25Sword Sparks3:29


27Horns of Victory1:28

28Evil's Advance1:08

29Glittering Gold4:06

30Dark Secrets4:28

31A Special Girl0:57

32Spilling Through Your Fingers2:45

33The Ageless Mage0:54

34The Bonds of Friendship2:13

Disc length 81:17
Disc 2

01The Heavens' Majesty4:56

02Gateway to the West4:05

03The Seat of Vulcan6:42

04Swirling Sands4:28

05Free and Easy4:24

06The Conqueror's Message1:20

07Something About That Guy0:44

08The Binding1:06

09Arcane Mysteries5:50

10Memories Regained0:48


12Ancient Magicks0:37

13The Curse0:25

14The Marshalls2:22


16In the Shadow of the Dragon3:44

17The Crumbling Fortress4:22

18Old Traditions, New Methods2:48

19Unrelenting Advance2:51



22A Son's Loss1:52

23Vows Renewed0:57


25Assembling the Puzzle1:49

26The Gates of Hell3:51

27A Sister's Faith0:39

28The Price of Arrogance1:16

29Reunited at Last0:27

30Echoing Hallways4:52

31Rewriting the Rules0:59

32The Second Awakening0:41

33Gwayn's Bellow0:45

34The Remnant of Fear0:41

35Marion's Blessing0:46

36Whispers of the Ancients4:31

Disc length 87:21
Disc 3

01Breakers on the Shore4:20

02Enter the Seven0:58

03Life Without Remnants4:41

04Hermeien's Ultimatum2:03

05Accepting the Challenge0:47

06Press to Victory3:27

07Turn the Tide4:00

08Unexpected Betrayal0:53

09Out of Control3:22

10Beat the Odds2:58

11The Bitter End0:13

12My Liege, My Enemy1:07

13Wheat From Chaff2:09

14Through the Tulgey Wood5:19

15Unconditional Trust0:30

16Echoes of the Past4:16

17Final Decision3:32


19One Step5:03

20The Warden and the Activator0:42

21Time for Release2:19


23Schismogenesis 4:18

24The Final Sacrifice3:54

25Journey's End3:08


27Overture: TGS 2007 Mix1:47

Disc length 76:35

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